The Why: Driving Business Value Beyond FSMA 204 Regulatory Compliance | August 16, 2023

For the food supply chain, FSMA 204 is putting a spotlight on the need for and benefits of digitized data to easily exchange traceability information with trading partners and with regulators. Join this third digital seminar of our four-part series to learn:

  • What supply chain traceability is and what benefits can be gained from improving supply chain visibility
  • How healthcare is already leveraging their regulatory compliance to also deliver operational efficiencies, inventory control, and patient safety
  • What questions to ask when creating a traceability plan, establishing record-sharing processes, and finding the right technology partners

Join Doug Baker, Vice President of Industry Relations, FMI, and Liz Sertl, Senior Director, Community Engagement, GS1 US, as they demonstrate how increased traceability and visibility, enabled by GS1 Standards, benefits consumers and supply chain stakeholders.

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Doug Baker

Vice President, Industry Relations

FMI - The Food Industry Association

Doug Baker is a food retail industry relations vice president for  FMI - The Food Industry, where he facilitates professional, non-competitive collaboration among member communities across private brands and technology issue areas. In addition to his oversight of the private brands council and their efficiency-driven initiatives to encourage brand owner innovation, Doug also leads FMI’s CIO Technology Board efforts related to omnichannel commerce facilitating benchmarking, research studies, and other collaborative projects that enable the path to modern retailing. Prior to FMI, Doug began his career in the food retail industry in 1984 as a bagger with Fry’s Food Stores. His 30+ years in grocery retail have included leadership roles at Fry’s, Kraft/Nabisco and Federated Group. Baker holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, and throughout his career, he has focused on retail operations, consumer packaged goods manufacturing and private brand development and marketing. 

Liz Sertl

Senior Director, Community Engagment


Liz Sertl is Sr. Director, Community Engagement, at GS1 US, the not-for-profit information standards organization, and has more than 20 years of experience in the CPG industry. Working closely with supply chain partners in the retail grocery and foodservice industries, Liz facilitates collaboration best practices and guidelines that help companies improve product traceability and supply chain visibility through the adoption of GS1 Standards. 


The Why: Driving Business Value Beyond FSMA 204 Regulatory Compliance
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